Our release strategy

I thought it would be cool to share a bit on our current release strategy. Our gradual release strategy is based on a combined objective of getting our name out there and generating traffic that we can leverage to ensure that we release an enterprise-grade platform. We hope that the following release steps will help us to achieve this. And yes, we're using CalVer for our releases <tips fedora to Romain>. So are all these releases set in stone? Definitely not, our main goal is to build a platform that people enjoy to use and is aligned with the latest security and privacy standards, we hope that our current strategy is a good start to get us there!

✅ 2020.1.0 - private MVP

In March we released a minimal MVP that served as a validator to ourselves and investors that our language/framework agnostic deployment approach would be feasible in a scalable and enterprise-ready manner.

🙌 2020.1.0 - public preview with pre-deployed models

The release coming up next 💪! Most of our focus over the past few months has been going towards building a robust and scalable backend. However, we don't want you to have to wait too long to get a glimpse of our platform, therefore we're coming out with a minimal preview. In this preview you won't be able to deploy your own models, but you'll get to play around with some pre-deployed ones. You'll be able to test them via a web UI or integrate them in your application for free (with generous rate limits).

🚧 2020.2.0 - invite edition

In the meantime we are hard at work with a set of relevant pilot customers to develop a platform that is very easy to use as a deploy target. One that is also flexible enough to monitor all kinds of user-defined performance metrics; going from model specific KPIs, like ROCAUC, to business KPIs, like margin realised. All while making sure that we are at least compliant with - and where possible outperform - relevant security, auditing and privacy guidelines. This release will be opened to a limited public, if you're interested to participate let us know!

🚧 2020.3.0 - v1

This will basically mark our v1 public release. Keep posted to get a full overview of all the features.